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Micro Rocket - 12V DC Portable Fog Machine

The Micro Rocket Fog Machine was developed for photographers and film makers to use on location and also has found work in theatrical and cinematic special effects applications.

The supplied battery will last for approx. 10 minutes of continuous use or the unit can produced unlimited fog when connected to the optional mains power adaptor (a full reservoir of fluid will last approx. 50 minutes). The fog machine has a switch for momentary fog production, or latching (continuous) output until button pressed again.

This fog machine is perfect for situations where a touch of fog is required in remote or unusual places. The Micro Rocket Fog Machine is equally capable when a steady stream of fog is needed. The Micro Rocket is the size of a small water bottle and can be discreetly placed on props, inside sets or held in the hand.

• Output: 100 cubic feet/minute
• Power Consumption: 75 W
• Tank Capacity: 3.7 oz (50 minutes fog per full tank)
• Battery (supplied): 12V DC/2.3Ah
• Consumption: 0.07 oz/min
• Weight: 4.4lbs
• Dimensions: L 8.94" x W 2.6" x H 4.3"

Battery, charger and fluid supplied in kit.    

The unit operates on a 12V DC battery (supplied) and is a very easy to carry and operate. The unit can be used at a wide range of angles.

12V DC Mobile Smoke Machine

Optional wireless remote

Supplied system comprises:
1 x fog machine
1 x spout extension attachment
1 x battery
1 x charger and lead
1 x 17 oz bottle of fog fluid (250 mins of smoke)
1 x flightcase

Products available:

  • 12V DC Micro Rocket Fog Machine System with flightcase
  • Wireless remote control - up to 150 ft range.
  • Mains power adaptor
  • Additional 500ml fluid for Micro Rocket
    (will give over 4 hours of fog production)
  • Spare 12V battery for Micro Rocket

The Micro Rocket unit is also available with a stainless steel cover for cleanroom applications:

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