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Le Maitre MVS Hazer
The Le Maitre MVS Hazer is our best selling water-based hazer for total atmosphere control in your venue.

Exceptional definition of light beams without dense smoke - the MVS produces a haze that has a far greater hang time persistency than glycol smoke machines and other water based hazers.

The unit has a variable high output haze, twin variable high output haze projection fans and 90 degree electronically moveable haze output direction. It features four channel DMX512, combined control functions and DMX receiver, although all options can be fully controlled from the on-board control panel.
With its high power air pump and advanced fan motor control, wide range operation is possible.

  • Variable high output haze: whisper to 100ml/hour (double the haze output of the Neutron XS).
  • Twin variable high output haze projection fans.
  • 90 degree electronically variable haze output sweep direction.
  • 4 Channel DMX 512.
  • 3 digit LED display multifunction control panel.
  • High power air pump, fast heat-up time.
  • Cleans itself on shut down for long term reliability.
  • Can be positioned on its side for unique horizontal haze sweep.
  • Advanced fan motor control for wide range operation.
  • High output controllable haze.
  • Remembers user settings after being unplugged.
  • External bottle allows for multiple position use.
  • Clip-on bottle carrier for easy transport (supplied).
  • No oil residue, long haze hang time.

PDF User Manual

Customer comment:
"I do love the MVS for its quietness, flexibility, fluid efficiency and most of all for its fine haze"
-- Lighting Director

The MVS is an excellent value professional hazer with all the control options you could ever want. Can be controlled either via the on-board control panel or via DMX. Can be positioned upright, on a 45 degree angle with supplied stand or on its side for a unique horizontal haze sweep. Very fluid efficient, and the most persistent haze of any water based hazer on the market.

General Specification (approx.)
Size (L x W x H)
13.5 x 4.3 x 13.5 inches
Power consumption
Initial warm up time / purge cycle from cold
2 mins
Power Supply
110v, 50-60Hz
Duration of 2.5L fluid at maximum output
25 hours
Duration of 2.5L fluid at 25% output
75 hours
Haze output at maximum level
2,800 cu. ft per min.
Control options
On-board control panel
DMX512 on-board
Can be mounted horizontally?


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